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Tropical Woods
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Pattern & Punch

Amtico’s design team were inspired by some rare and amazing species for Amtico Tropical Woods

Capturing the essence of each one as closely as possible, Amtico’s attraction to pattern, highly-figured woods and our desire to respect and sustain the wonders of nature contributed to these unique designs

W757 Tigerwood
Amtico Tigerwood has dramatically contrasting golden patterning and an exotic allure

It is the perfect partner for the jewel tones, metals and silks of our modern take on eastern style

W765 Caramel Bamboo
Amtico Caramel Bamboo retains the lovely linear grain but has a more sophisticated butterscotch tone that will create a calm, contemporary space

W758 Brazilian Rosewood
Amtico Brazilian Rosewood perfectly captures the chocolatey good looks of the original. It provides the perfect partner for today’s luxury materials and darker schemes

W759 Merbau
Amtico Merbau’s warm red tones and unique flecked grain gives an exotic finish to complement many different kinds of interior styles

Standard Sizes
4.5” x 36” (114mm x 915mm) and 6” x 36” (152mm x 915mm)